Craig was phenomenal. He’s been at a few other relatives weddings so we’ve seen him in action and we knew that we needed him for our wedding. He was available for us anytime we needed him to answer all of our questions via email or phone. The online planning form was so easy and convenient to use. I got to list songs that are a “must play”, as well as those songs that were not allowed to be played at my wedding. Also, months before the wedding, I had contacted Craig about creating a “surprise fun” dance song for my dad and I to use. He was an incredible help. I gave him the songs I wanted and he mashed them together so we could have the song to practice to. It was awesome! He also did wonderfully at our ceremony. He was such a blessing throughout the entire day, making sure that him and the photographers were all on the same page. Fantastic. Wonderful. The best! You will not be disappointed!!